Kurhaus Trifels

Kurhaus Trifels. Photo by H. Schreiber.

The workshop takes place at the Kurhaus Trifels in the picturesque landscape of Germany’s largest forest at the foot of the medieval Castle Trifels.

The Kurhaus features modern seminar rooms and provides a full catering for the participants throughout the day. There are facilities for barbecue and leisure activities.

Many TopoInVis participants will be able to spend the night here as well. Further accommodation is available nearby.


Kurhaus Trifels
Kurhausstrasse 25
76855 Annweiler
Telephone: +49 6346 30 88 60

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Accommodation for workshop participants will be provided at the Kurhaus or a nearby hotel. Rooms at the Kurhaus are limited, but the hotels are close by and we will organize transportation to and from the workshop.


The Kurhaus is located in the small town of Annweiler, Germany. It is conveniently reachable by train or car and located near Frankfurt Airport.

If you need help with transportation, please contact us. We will try to organize group shuttles from Frankfurt Airport or from nearby train stations in Landau or Annweiler if feasible.

If you are unsure about travel arrangements, please let us know, we would be happy to advise.

By Plane

Take a flight to Frankfurt (FRA). You can conveniently connect to a train directly at the airport. The train station is called “Frankfurt Flughafen“. There is a regional train station and long-distance train station. You need the latter one. It takes about two hours from Frankfurt Airport to Annweiler by train or car.

By Train

Plan the details on the website of Deutsche Bahn. Note that their site is available in many languages (upper right corner). The destination is “Annweiler am Trifels Bahnhof“.

Note: A “Savings fare” is only valid for the booked train at the booked time. The “Standard fare” allows you to take trains at other times if they are in the same price category. This distinction exists for all trains except for regional trains (Regionalbahn).

The general idea is that you take an ICE train to Karlsruhe, and from there you have two options depending on the time of the day. You either take a regional train directly to Annweiler, or you make a connection in Landau (regional trains, too).

Since Landau is very close to Annweiler (20 km), you may consider taking a cab from there. We may also be able to provide some transportation from Landau.

From the train station in Annweiler, it is only a short walk to the Kurhaus. Please see the map to the right. Again, we may be able to provide some transportation.

By Car

Take the Autobahn A65 until Landau-Nord, from where you follow the B10 to Annweiler.